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About Us

Help advance our vision: Terps for Change looks to build a world in which UMD students are empowered learners in community together, taking action toward just causes.

Understand our “Why”: The Terps for Change program was founded on the belief that our responsibility is to engage students in experiential and community-based learning to foster socially responsible leadership in order to help students be successful in their personal, professional, and civic lives after college.

How are we different?

Terps for Change is committed to connecting the university with the local community through sustained, collaborative, and meaningful community service-learning. By exploring the root causes through critical reflection and meaningful dialogue, we seek to better understand the systemic complexities of social issues and the action steps we can take to address them.

What do we do?

Terps for Change is an eight-week, semesterly program in which volunteers, led by student coordinators, visit a local site to perform hands-on community service once a week. Available service projects range from after-school tutoring to sustainable farming to assisting a community food pantry and more. In order to engage more deeply with and better understand systemic inequities, volunteers also participate in weekly facilitated dialogues around a variety of social issues. 

What can we offer?

Terps for Change offers volunteer, student leader, and intern positions for students to get involved with our semesterly volunteer and dialogue programs. Check out our Get Involved page to see which position is the best fit for where you are in your leadership journey, and get a glimpse of where your Terps for Change experience might take you after several semesters of involvement.

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