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The Maryland LEAD Program offers over 8 distinct peer-facilitated leadership education and development opportunities! These range from single day experiences in Stamp, to weekend-long retreats upstate; from 90 minute sessions once a week, to a week long introduction to leadership concepts. No matter your schedule or experience level, Maryland LEAD has an experience for you! Click below to get a more in depth look at what each of these experiences entail!

Terrapin Leadership Institute

The Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI)  is a five week-long leadership development program. Each weekly 90-minute session  engages students in hands-on activities and critical dialogue. The FREE workshop series, taking place during fall and spring semesters, is a low-commitment, high intensity series that is meant to accommodate student schedules. In addition to developing core leadership skills and networking with peers, participants receive a certificate, t-shirt, and recommendation letter for completion of the program.

In addition from multiple weekday and time choices, participants can also choose from 3 tracks: Intro, Plus, and Scholars.

Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI) Intro: Participants will explore leadership styles, ethics, identity, collaboration, and communication to develop a foundational knowledge of core leadership skills. Perfect for beginning and emerging leaders! No prior formal leadership experience necessary.

Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI) Scholars:  Participants will explore leadership styles, ethics, identity, collaboration, and communication to develop a foundational knowledge of core leadership skills. Uniquely for the College Park Scholars Living-Learning Program, this introduction to leadership will allow beginning and emerging student leaders to develop their leadership abilities within a Scholars-specific context.

Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI) Plus: Participants will explore authority and power, conflict management, personal and group responsibility, and sustainability. Designed for those who have previous exposure to leadership theory, styles, and experiences, the TLI Plus track will prepare you to effectively engage in current or future leadership positions and challenges. ***NOTE: Participants MUST have completed a previous Maryland LEAD program  or hold a positional leadership position on campus to register for this track.

Leadership Conferences

MLS is a one-day dynamic experience for beginning leaders who want to emerge their individual leadership skills and style through interactive simulations, dialogues, and group discussions. The Maryland Leadership Summit is targeted to emerging leaders who are looking for a launching point into future leadership engagement at University of Maryland.

MLC is a developmental weekend-long experience for intermediate leaders. Designed to enhance your group leadership skills and provide networking opportunities with fellow leaders at UMD, this off-campus retreat will develop participants efficacy in leading others through their formal and informal leadership roles. 

MLA is a one-day developmental conference for advanced leaders with significant prior leadership roles and responsibilities. Participants will examine topics related to sustaining leadership and developing others’ leadership. Curriculum and activities allow participants to evaluate the temptations of leadership, debunk leadership myths, and explore personal barriers towards change while looking towards leadership in professional and community settings outside of UMD.

Activation Academy

Check back for more updates on this advanced leadership and social activation program!