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About Staff Advisor Role

Staff/Faculty Advisors are an integral part of the AB program. Student Experience Leaders coordinate the logistics for the experience, facilitate team activities and reflections and serve as the main contact for community partners. Staff/Faculty Advisors serve as a learning partner for the student team and as an advisor for Experience Leaders by providing support, guidance and resources throughout planning, educational and experiential activities before, during and after the immersion experience.

“This experience has made me strongly supportive of the AB model. It seems that the student leaders and participants had life-changing experiences, and experienced tremendous personal growth and education at many levels. I believe that I did as well.” -2012-13 Advisor

100% of 2014-15 Staff/Faulty Advisors indicated that their AB Advisor experience was worthwhile.

Any full or part-time staff member, instructor, faculty member or graduate assistant is eligible to serve as an AB Advisor. Advisors must be employed by UMD-College Park at the time of the AB trip. 

Read the full Staff/Faculty Advisor position description.

Become an Advisor

Follow these steps to become an AB Faculty/Staff Advisor:

1. Do your research. Read the Staff/Faculty Advisor Position Description. Explore the drop-down pages of the “Trip Information” tab to learn more about each of the AB trips and the social issue they address. Determine which trips best match your needs and interests. Also, check out the AB Blog to read up on the experiences of past trips.

2. Attend an AB Meet & Greet. These are scheduled for mid-September each year. Interact with and ask questions of AB staff and Experience Leaders to learn more about each of the different  AB experiences. *All prospective Staff/Faculty Advisors must come by one of the Meet & Greet sessions.

3. Submit a Staff/Faculty Advisor application. Applications, found at the link below, ask for basic contact information, a few short responses, an upload of a CV or resume, and for a ranking of preferred AB experiences. 

4. Get accepted! Selections are made based on Experience Leaders' and AB Staff's review of applications and Meet and Greet interactions. It is our desire to create highly functioning leadership teams for each of the AB experiences by partnering staff/faculty with co-leaders based on working styles, experience/interest in social issue, strengths and advising capabilities. Staff/Faculty Advisor applicants will be notified by the end of September.

 Once selected as a Staff/Faculty Advisor, you will be required to attend Staff/Faculty Advisor trainings. There you will receive important information regarding your role as an AB Advisor in the context of your specific trip, its participants, the social issue you will address, and the Alternative Breaks program as a hole. 

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