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Billiard League

Billiard League

Billiards League is semester-long and provides an environment that will allow you to improve your skill as a billiards player. The atmosphere is competitive yet friendly and allows for the opportunity to meet new people and maybe even make some friends. Many of our returning members are eager to help newcomers improve and feel welcome in our small community. There is a tournament for the top 8 players at the end of each semester with prizes for the top 3 finishers. The prizes are a $150 voucher for billiards equipment for 1st place, a $100 voucher for 2nd place, and a $50 voucher for third place. Billiards League meets every Tuesday at 6PM and is a great value for those who like to play the game. There are only 20 spaces available each semester so sign up fast!


*For comparison: Regular Student Pricing = $5 per hour


*Billiards League: One-time $10 Membership Fee + $5 Weekly Fee (Up to 5 hours of play!)


League Commissioner: Evan Sigler

TerpZone:      (301) 314-BOWL (2695)