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What is Stamp Special Events and Programs?

Stamp Special Events and Programs is a unit within the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life. We transitioned from Weekends at Maryland in 2008, though many of the programs have continued.

What is the purpose of Stamp Special Events and Programs?

The purpose of Stamp Special Events and Programs is:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, informational, and academic programs in the Stamp.
  • To perpetuate and strengthen existing Maryland traditions and encourage the development of new ones.
  • To provide quality programs that appeal to a wide variety of Maryland students.
  • To engage students in the Stamp and encourage frequent and purposeful use of its services and resources.
  • To collaborate with other programs and departments on campus to provide of variety of activities.
  • To play an integral role in large-scale campus events, such as New Student Welcome, Family Weekend, Homecoming, the All Niter, Maryland Day, and StampFest.

I have a great idea for a program; can Stamp Special Events help me?

Sure! We might not be able to financially support your program, but we’re happy to help brainstorm ideas, walk you through program planning, and connect you to other departments that might be able to collaborate.

How can I make event space reservations?

Stamp Special Events does not manage other events in the Stamp. For information on event space availability and reservations, check the Stamp Event and Guest Services website.

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