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Stamp Gallery

The Stamp Gallery presents "The History of a Hand"

Open July 12 - August 16; reception July 12 from 6-8pm

Pictured: Noël Kassewitz, Conch (2011)
Pictured: Noël Kassewitz, "Conch" (2011)

Featuring Anne Bouie, Nikki Brooks, Dre Burciaga, Chris Combs, Rhemi Elzie, Jasmine Hall, Noël Kassewitz, Christie R. Krimsky, Mehveş Lelic, Jak Lunsford, Maddie Olek, Julia Reising, Jill McCarthy Stauffer, Livi Stotler, Marisa Stratton, and Luke Walter.

The Stamp Gallery is pleased to present The History of a Hand, a group exhibition which engages with the profound impact of human actions and interactions on individual lives and the broader world. This exhibition explores how seemingly mundane or everyday actions can leave a lasting imprint on our perceptions, relationships, and the fabric of society itself. Each artwork featured in the exhibition serves as a testament to the intricate narrative of human experience, inviting viewers to reflect on their own roles in shaping the world around them. The History of a Hand is part of a summer series of student-curated exhibitions.


Grace Orellana, a Senior Immersive Media Design Student with a background in labor organizing, explores human relationships, behavior, and intention through her curatorial works. A firm believer in art as a revolutionary practice as well as an expressive one, Grace Orellana strives to create spaces where artists are able to convey their experiences as humans and revolutionaries in a genuine way.


Located on the first floor of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union—Center for Campus Life at the University of Maryland, College Park, the Stamp Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art, especially the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The Stamp Gallery supports contemporary art that is challenging, academically engaging, and attuned to broad community and social issues. Through meaningful exhibitions and programming, the Gallery offers outside-of-the-classroom experiential learning opportunities. It functions as a laboratory where emerging artists and curators experiment and work through their ideas. The Gallery’s programming aims to emphasize the importance of process to contemporary artistic practice and to provide a forum for dialogue.

FREE and open to the public. 

Summer hours: Monday - Friday, 12 - 5 pm. Closed weekends. 

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