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Student Demographic Data

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union -- Center for Campus lIfe is working to expand and deepen our understanding of the student experience and how STAMP contributes to student learning, development, and the academic experience in an effort to improve the programs, services, and courses that we provide. We value transparency around the uses of these data and value student engagement and feedback regarding data practices. 

The data STAMP collects is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which allows institutions to analyze student data while also protecting privacy. For more information, please see

The types of student data that STAMP collects may include:

  • Co-curricular activity involvement and enrollment in academic courses offered through STAMP offices.
  • Student employment (i.e., the office in which a student works; only STAMP Human Resources and supervisors have access to employment records such as performance reviews).
  • Use of STAMP resources such as room reservations and technology resources such as TerpLink.

These data points may be combined with other data points on a student collected by other campus offices or entities, such as student demographics, whether a student lives on/off campus, and academic success measures.

STAMP will collect this information through:

  • Web-based platforms and systems such as TerpLink’s Event Pass, Zoom, and other program applications and systems.
  • Handheld electronic scanners or sign-in sheets.
  • Selected surveys.

The majority of the data collected is analyzed within STAMP’s Assessment & Research Office and reported out in aggregate, deidentified summary, the understand, for example, the demographics of the student population STAMP served over the previous academic semester.  STAMP does grant individual student data access to employees with an “educational interest.” These individuals may include the following:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Other Division of Student Affairs staff
  • Advisors
  • Faculty
  • Registrar’s Office staff

For questions about the use of your data, please send an email to Pearl Lo (, Assistant Director for Assessment & Research or Stephanie Payne-Roberts (, Assistant Director for Information Technology.

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