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Pepsi Enhancement Fund

Current Status: The call for spring 2024 proposals has closed. You will be notified at the end of the fall 2023 semester of your award status. Be sure to check back next spring for information regarding the fall 2024 call for proposals.

Have a great semester!

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Evaluation Form

A requirement in accepting a Pepsi grant is the sponsoring organization must complete a brief program evaluation form after the program is executed. This will inform PepsiCo and the review committee on final details and results of each program. The funding board has adopted a policy that states if an organization does not complete an evaluation from a previous Pepsi award any future awards will be cut in half. For example, if a group who received an award last semester did not complete the evaluation and then submits a proposal and $1,000.00 was granted by the board, the group would only receive $500.00 for the new program.

Submit your evaluation here!

What is the Pepsi Enhancement Fund?

Pepsi Enhancement Fund
Pepsi Proposal Guidelines
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