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Multiracial Leadership Courses


Adaptive Strategies for Multicultural Leadership and Dialogue

As U.S. society becomes increasingly complex along multiple and continually evolving dimensions of individual and group identities, successful leaders will benefit from learning adaptive strategies and practices that will help them to navigate this complexity and adapt effectively in a climate of constant change. This class will focus on specific strategies, concepts, and insights for successful leadership and dialogue in twenty-first century U.S. multicultural society.


Politics of Transnational Adoption: Intersectional Analysis of Class, Race, Gender and Nationality

In this course we will examine the political, economic, and cultural impetus and the consequences of the movement of children across national borders from diverse perspectives. By considering racial, class, gender, and national hierarchies at the global scale, we will explore the factors that have maintained transnational adoption between South Korea and the United States for over sixty years. We will also examine the causes, processes, and results of transnational adoption between China and the United States.


Multicultural Psychology in the U.S. 

What are the psychological implications of racism, sexism, homophobia and other structures of inequality in the United States? How do socio-cultural privilege and oppression influence individual and group thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? This course will take a current events focus to understanding multicultural and social justice issues in psychology with an emphasis on self-reflection, mental health, cross-cultural communication, and strategies for social change.


Why Are We Still Talking About Race?

Exploration of the major debates and assumptions that construct individual perceptions of what race is and how race matters. Sociological and sub-cultural theories will give students a historical and present day frame with which to view race and ethnic relations in the twenty first century.


Sociology of Race Relations 

Analysis of race-related issues, with a primary focus on American society. The historical emergence, development, and institutionalization of racism; the impact of racism on its victims; and racially based conflict.

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