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How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to connect with the Multiracial coordinator and intern. Their information can be found under the Contact Us tab. You can also volunteer to be a part of the Multiracial Heritage Month (MHM) planning committee at the beginning of the fall semester by contacting

Do I have to identify as Multiracial to get involved?

No! All are welcome who would like to better understand the historical and modern concerns of Multiracial people and to experience and celebrate multiculturalism.

How can I keep up with Multiracial events and programming?

To keep up-to-date with all Multiracial events, we recommend following our Facebook page, where we publish event information and updates. Otherwise we update the Multiracial & Multicultural Student Involvement page to reflect all upcoming programming. The Multiracial Heritage Month tab is also updated with all upcoming programming for the month of March, where there is usually 1-2 events every week!

How can I get involved with cultural organizations?

If there is a particular cultural student organization you want to join, TerpLink is the main portal for all UMD student orgs. Each organization's page should have contact info and a section about how to get involved. As for student orgs that focus on multiraciality, check out the Student Organizations tab on the MICA page of STAMP.

What are you most popular events?

Every March we have 3 main staples of Multiracial Heritage Month: Kickin' it with Culture, Mixed Monologues, and Mixrepresented. Kickin' it with Culture is similar to the First Look Fair, specifically targeted towards cultural organizations. Booths are set up where each org can sit and introduce themselves to visitors who are seeking more information about joining. Mixed Monologues is an open-mic performance art night where we invite all students to perform a word-of-mouth, poetry, musical, etc. performance that expresses themselves. Mixrepresented is an art gallery of portraits of students who identify as Multiracial. These students are usually volunteers who contact MBSA about being involved. Each model also submits answers to Q&A style questions to help the audience understand their identity and the struggles they face regarding said identity. 

All 3 events usually provide refreshments for all guests! We encourage you to check them out as they are great events that allow you to meet people that are passionate about diversity.

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