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Ghonva Ghauri is the Coordinator for Multiracial and Native American/Indigenous Student Involvement and Advocacy at the Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA)


She is an interdisciplinary artist and psychological anthropologist. Ghonva is a UMD Alumna; she received her B.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in oil painting and also completed the Pre-Medical Track. She earned her M.A. in Medical Anthropology from the George Washington University, with a focus on mental health and identity-formation within adolescents, especially those from immigrant communities. As a second-generation South Asian American Muslim woman, she is passionate about uplifting women of color, facilitating intergenerational dialogue, and creating discussion around stigmatized topics. In her academic work, Ghonva conducted ethnographies on the ethnoreligious identities of South Asian American youth and on the identity maintenance of Muslim women practicing unorthodox sexuality. Ghonva is determined to break the cyclic violence of community-wide silences around stigmatized issues—like mental illness or physical & emotional abuses—that undoubtedly affect mental wellness. She is a firm believer in empathetic listening practices and the power of storytelling, especially when exploring a diaspora. Her research interests include: intersectional feminism; sexuality and cultural gender roles; ethnoreligious identities; intergenerational trauma; empathy and narratives; hybrid identity negotiations; and mental wellness in children of immigrants in the US. In her free time, Ghonva likes to eat cheese, teach herself new art mediums, read feminist philosophy, and record a podcast! Contact at: 

Thea Bliss is the Community Outreach Student Intern for Multi/Biracial Involvement. She is a senior Ecology and Evolution major with a Sustainability Studies minor. She founded Cross Cultural Adoptees, an organization designed to create a welcoming environment for adoptees, especially those that identify as transracial. Her mission at MICA has been to challenge the traditional definition of "multiracial" by raising awareness of those that were raised by parent(s)  of a different racial identity. She also holds positions on the Chinese Student Association Executive Board where she has pursued her own cultural identity. For any questions, please contact her at

Please feel free to reach out to us at or at 301-314-8600 

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