Becoming a member of a student organization, attending events, or becoming a student leader gives you an opportunity to meet new people, learn more about yourself, and develop leadership and organizational skills that will help you succeed after college. The UMCP LGBTQ community offers many opportunities to engage with others. 

Q: Where do I find the LGBTQ community on campus?
A: Community is found all around campus. Also, by attending a lecture, event, presentation or discussion on the LGBTQ community you may be able to meet other members of the community. University of Maryland offers classes in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies that are available for students to register for.  Also, there are several events such as Quelcome (formerly Lavender Convocation) and Queer Camp that are a great place to start. For more information, follow UMD MICA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Q: How do I join an organization?

A: Each student organization has different membership processes, but none are difficult. Each organization should offer a membership application, or a way to sign up to a listserv or mailing list. Student organizations have a constitution located in the Student Involvement Suite in the Stamp Student Union that indicates how one becomes a member of an organization. Check with any organization’s executive board member on how to join. LGBT-based organizations are open to the public and do not discriminate. In fact, many enjoy a diverse membership.
Link: terplink.umd.edu

Q: What are the biggest events I should attend on campus?
A: There are so many things to do on campus, and we probably cannot fit all of it in one handbook. But, to get you started, the following is a small list of events that are the most visible and widely known events that take place throughout the year.
Career & Job Fairs - 
Maryland Day - marylandday.umd.edu
Homecoming - www.homecoming.umd.edu
Quelcome - https://lgbt.umd.edu/quelcome-fall-welcome-fest

Queer Camp - https://www.facebook.com/equitycenter

Unity Welcome - https://omse.umd.edu/unity-welcome/

All-Niter - https://stamp.umd.edu/activities/special_events_programs/all_niter

First Look Fair - www.thestamp.umd.edu/firstlookfair
Art Attack - www.see.umd.edu 

The University of Maryland, College Park is one of the largest universities in the area. Knowing where to go and what’s out there may be challenging. Here is some information that can help you get to know your campus. 

Q: Do I have to live on campus?
A: No, you do not have to. UMCP offers a variety of services for those who live on campus and those who do not. Large portions of students commute from various places outside campus who live with their families or rent as well. There are offices and services that can help you stay connected to what is going on campus. Subscribing to mailing lists, reading publications, and staying connected with organizations, faculty and staff can be an effective way to know what is happening and housing options.

Off-Campus Student Involvement - www.thestamp.umd.edu/offcampus

Department of Resident Life - http://www.resnet.umd.edu/

Shuttle UM - http://www.transportation.umd.edu/

Weekends at MD - www.thestamp.umd.edu/marketing

Q: Are there classes about the LGBT community at UMCP?
A: Yes, University of Maryland has a LGBT studies program that has a variety of classes that you can take.

LGBT Studies - http://www.lgbts.umd.edu/

Q: How can I know what is going on if I work when not in school?
A: Well, becoming an active member of a student organization can help.  Also reading student publications, being active on social media and checking the university website regularly can be very informative.

Q: Are there offices that support LGBTQ students?
A: The two primary support offices are the Office for Multicultural Student Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) and the LGBT Equity Center. Some colleges have an office or department that serves identity-based populations, such as SmithOUT. For those who are questioning or exploring their sexuality, contact the Office of LGBT Equity.


LGBT Equity: http://www.umd.edu/lgbt/

MICA: http://thestamp.umd.edu/multicultural_involvement_community_advocacy


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