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About the Challenge

What is the story of your community? What stories are around you while at home that you haven’t gotten to listen to yet? What’s your story? What story do you want to tell 10 years from now? 

Through the art of listening and storytelling, The Activation Academy Challenge focuses on understanding, engaging with, and being in community together. While we all practice social distancing and self-isolation, we believe, as Dave Isay said, founder of StoryCorps "Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear".

With the use of the StoryCorps app, we challenge you to collect and craft compelling narratives from the community you are with while practicing social distancing. 

Let us all take this time to be in community together and capture the stories the world needs to hear.

Challenge Details

The Activation Academy Challenge was developed for students to interview a family member, friend, and/or any community member you are in isolation with or able to connect with in a virtual communication space. The StoryCorps App allows these interviews to be recorded and contribute their voices to the Library of Congress, but anyone without a smartphone and an interest in storytelling can participate.

We encourage you to use this step-by-step guide and training video (4 mins) to create your own unique oral history with a family member, friend, or any community member you are in isolation with, and help transform this time we are in, into a time of community storytelling and sharing.

Step 1: Understand How To Story Tell

Step 2: Learn How To Use The StoryCorps App

Step 3: Plan Your Interview Questions

Step 4: Conduct Your Interview

Step 5: Share Your Interview and Experience With Us

Activation Academy Challenge Resources: Guidebook Presentation | Training Video (4 mins)

Why Participate?

  • Practice personal and group leadership skills such as active listening, reflection, and communication 
  • Connect with those around you more than ever before 
  • Enhance your understanding of the community around you
  • Engage in constructive dialogue across difference and divides

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