What to Expect

What you need to know before you request an appointment

Confidentiality: Your discussions with our attorney and other staff are protected by attorney/client privilege. We will not discuss your case with your parents, friends, spouses, or the University of Maryland without your written consent.

Eligibility: Full-time graduate students who are registered as full-time students at the University of Maryland College Park are eligible for our free services.

Out of Area Cases: Our attorney is licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia. As such, he is unable to provide specific legal advice for matters that occurred outside of Maryland or DC. However, we will attempt to provide legal resources or information to help you with your situation.

Conflict of Interest: We do not represent students against the university, and we cannot advise one student directly against another student in a civil law matter; however, we may be able to offer mediation services for all involved parties in some circumstances.  Please review a complete list of our policies for more information.

Grad Legal Aid is funded by the graduate student activities fee. As such, all registered graduate students are potential clients of our office. In the event that more than one student is involved in a case and other students' interests are not completely aligned, we will not represent any of the students due to the conflict of these interests. In other words, we will not represent one student if representation could potentially have an adverse effect on another student.  

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