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Q: I’m a Stamp staff and I need help with my website.

A: Send us an email at and we will get in touch with you.


Q: How can I get a website for my student organization?

A: Student organizations can sign up for an TerpLink portal which provides a website for organization. TerpLink is an online community where you can connect to student organizations and find out what’s happening on campus. TerpLink will also help student organizations streamline their involvement by organizing, managing, and communicating with their members all in one place. Please visit for more information.


Q: Do you supply technology for events outside of the Stamp?

AUnfortunately our equipment is for use in Stamp building only.


Q: Where can I find out how much your technology services for events cost?

AFind price list at Technology Price List page where you’ll find a list of competitively priced items for use in your event.


Q: Can you record my meeting or event?

A: We offer a variety of recording services for our customers. We provide recording equipment, a technician to record your event, and final editing of your product like adding graphics, inserting title or PowerPoint slides, and live-streaming your event. The prices for these components can be found on our price list (see link in question above).


Q: I am having an event and need internet access for my attendees, How do I arrange for that?

A: Any member of the University community can log in to the campus wireless network using their University directory ID and password. For non-university visitors attending your event you may request guest wireless accounts. To request the guest wireless accounts please contact your event coordinator at least one week prior to your event.


Q: What is the difference between “House Sound” and a portable sound system and how do I know which one to request?

A: The house sound system is the sound system built into a meeting room or ballroom with the speakers located in ceiling; with the exception of the Hoff theater. The Hoff theater house sound system is suitable for many uses. House sound systems are best suited to be used for speaking and/or background music uses. Portable sound systems are speaker systems and their associated electronics that are set-up in rooms based on the audio needs of each event. Portable sound systems are commonly used for events that require higher volume levels than the house sound system can supply.


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