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LGBTQ Involvement Staff

Collin Vernay (he/him/his) is a first-generation college student from Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. He received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Sociology, with a Minor in Women's Studies, at the University of Florida before joining the University of Maryland. Now a doctoral student in counseling psychology, Collin works to promote mental wellness among college and community clientele in the immediate DMV area, particularly among queer and trans folks. Collin began his work as Graduate Coordinator for LGBTQ+ Student Involvement and Advocacy in 2017 and currently serves as advisor for Pride Alliance and Theta Pi Sigma, organizes the Creating Change Scholarship Fund, serves on the selection committee for the Lorde-O'Leary Award, and otherwise organizes and hosts LGBTQ+ student programming on campus, including Maryland's annual Pride Month.

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Kira Peck (she/her/hers) is a sophomore Psychology and Theater double major, and the current LGBTQ+ Involvement COSI. As a pansexual person, she is fiercely driven towards LGBTQ+ advocacy and has previously worked with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, and the Housing Project. As both a scientist and a creator, she is also interested in exploring less traditional methods of action towards inclusivity, representation, and accessibility. Currently, she is a Student Curator for the NextNow Fest, and intends to use her position to cultivate a diverse and inclusive program. She is also a DJ at the WMUC radio station, where she draws attention to musicians of identities who are often overlooked in mainstream music, and is developing a program to increase inclusivity within the on-campus audio engineering/studio production realm. Outside of MICA, she enjoys hiking, costume design, filmography, music composition, and working as a neuroendocrinology lab assistant. Kira can be contacted at