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The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Advocates Internship Program provides students with a unique leadership opportunity to develop and execute initiatives to outreach to the AAPI community on and off campus by planning events, coordinating logistical and administrative support for a variety of campaigns, and social media programs.

The internship seeks to provide a structured community-based learning experience that helps students apply Asian American Studies concepts in real world settings. Through critical observation, reflection, and action, the program educates students on social justice issues affecting AAPI communities. Through weekly intern meetings and check ins, Advocates are able to gain relevant professional competencies while developing networking and fem/mentoring relationships with their peers and supervisors. 

Internship Credit - Asian American Studies (AAST 388)

Students have the opportunity to intern for 1 to 3 credits by enrolling in AAST 388, and the 3-credit internships work toward completing the AAST minor. The number of credits sets the minimum amount of hours the intern must complete per week for the semester:

  • 1-credit = 3 hours/week
  • 2-credits = 6 hours/week
  • 3-credits = 9 hours/week 


For more information on how to apply to the Advocates Internship program, please contact Dorothy Kou at