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Summer Leadership Series

The Summer Leadership Series features workshops led by widely recognized speakers, authors, or facilitators in leadership development. These events provide students the opportunity to learn valuable and transferable leadership skills.

Summer Leadership Series events are FREE! Each workshop includes materials, self-assessments, and lunch. Participate in one or all workshops. Information and registration for the workshop are included below.



Date: Saturday, July 20
Time: 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Location: Atrium, Stamp Student Union
Cost: Free to UMD Students 


Imagine you’re backstage at the theater, with a packed audience looking forward to a great show. But there’s one catch: you don’t know your lines, and neither does anyone else. Now go out there and put on a show, a show that’s never been seen before, and that never will be seen again!  p.s. Make it funny.

That’s the scenario that improvisers face every night they perform, and they succeed (and have fun doing it) through confidence, creativity, and supportive collaboration—and the same skills can help you succeed in any classroom, workplace, organization, or team. This interactive workshop uses improv-based training from the professionals at Washington Improv Theater to help you spark creativity and innovation in your leadership.

You'll laugh, be challenged, and try many new things. Join us and take a creative look at your leadership abilities! Participation is FREE. Lunch and materials are provided for the day at no cost. Space is limited.

This event has passed.

Date: Saturday, August 3  
Time: 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
Location: RecWell Challenge Course 
Cost: Free to UMD Students  
Registration Opens in June

Sometimes leadership requires tough decisions, risk, and stepping out of our comfort zones. Challenge yourself and your leadership in this team adventure on RecWell’s high ropes course. Throughout this program, you’ll work with a group to conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, and break through barriers not only on the course but also in your own leadership situations. 

Participation is FREE and lunch will be provided. This event will take place outdoors and involve physical challenges and facilitated group discussions. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. 


Join us to take your leadership to new heights!  

                           This event has passed.






Date: Sunday, June 16Time: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm
Location: National Museum of African American History & Culture, Washington, DC
Cost: Free to UMD Students




Throughout history, African Americans have acted to change and build their lives despite tremendous obstacles. Just as racism has taken many forms in American society, so have the solutions and strategies developed to challenge it. By creating organizations and institutions, communities and individuals have developed ways to address their needs and aspirations that fostered values of connectedness, service, and mutual support. In making their own “way out of no way,” individuals and groups provide compelling narratives and examples of leadership. 



The stories presented in the National Museum of African American History & Culture reflect the perseverance, resourcefulness, and resilience required not only to survive, but to thrive, in America. In this interactive program, you will explore exhibits, narratives, and artifacts at the museum and engage in discussion with peers around leadership themes of agency, resilience, and change.

Transportation to and from the NMAAHC will be provided via UM Shuttle Bus (or metro). All participants will meet at Stamp by 9:45 am to depart. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 


This event has passed.