Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life


About Maryland Leadership Summit

Summit is a one-day dynamic experience for beginning leaders who want to emerge their individual leadership skills and style through interactive simulations, dialogues, and group discussions.

Who should attend Summit?

  • Beginning leaders, possibly freshmen and sophomores, who are interested in leadership and want to get involved
  • New student organization leaders who want to make an impact with or without a position
  • Anyone who is interested, but does not have extensive prior leadership experience

How do I benefit from attending Summit?

  • Friends! You'll be put into a small core group of 8-12 people. This allows you to get to know several people really well. Everyone at the conference is interested in leadership, so the other people there can introduce you to new student organizations, give you feedback, and are just plain fun.
  • Resume! One of the top skills that employers look for in graduates is leadership. Attending Summit will help you build the skills you need to succeed, and you can demonstrate that by listing it on your resume.
  • Self-Awareness! We intentionally structure activities so you reflect on past experiences and plan for future experiences. You have the opportunity to make this experience your own, and learn about your own leadership style while also observing others.


Date: Saturday, October 5th, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Location: Prince George's Room on the first floor of the Stamp Student Union

Cost: FREE! There is no cost to attend Summit, and your registration gets you a day filled with fun, learning, and leadership in addition to breakfast, lunch, and any necessary materials.




Registration for the 2019 Summit has now opened! Register NOW!