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Intern with Maryland LEAD!

About the Internship Program


The Maryland Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program strives to provide transformative leadership learning experiences that complement and enhance the academic, involvement, career, and civic-centered experiences at the University of Maryland. This internship is an integral component in supporting the growth and impact of the Maryland LEAD Program in developing students’ capacities to practice socially responsible leadership. This internship offers a higher-order experience to contribute to the development and direction of a comprehensive leadership program area. 

There are four unique internship positions available: Terrapin Leadership Institute Intern, Conferences Intern, Marketing & Outreach, and Team Development Intern. 

View the position description for details on responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits.

Application Process:

  • Log in to Terplink

  • Find the application in the Maryland LEAD portal 

  • Complete the application (March - April 2020)

  • Complete a 30-minute Individual Interview (April 2020).