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Lead an AB Experience






Position Description


The AB Experience Leader role is a valuable and unique leadership, personal, civic, and professional development experience for undergraduate students. Experience Leaders will develop valuable transferable skills and learning benefiting them in academic, curricular and future career roles. This role is a structured experience guided by on-going mentorship, training, and feedback focused on EL and participant learning through knowledge acquisition and experience.


"Becoming an EL is one of the best decisions I have made. I wanted to step into this role to continue deepening my understanding of social justice issues and of the meaning of service learning after participating in my first AB experience. As an EL, I have grown so much as an individual, as a leader, and as a citizen of society. In addition to having the incredible opportunity to craft a meaningful experience, I learned how to lead through thought-provoking reflections, analyze root causes, and build community. Without my AB family, my college experience would not be as enriching as it has been." -- Richa Beher '20