Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life

eCalendar: Facilities Management

  • Event & Guest Services manages three outdoor venue spaces: McKeldin Mall, Hornbake Plaza, and Nyumburu Amphitheatre. These spaces can be reserved using eCalendar.
  • Outdoor Event Policies are avaiable Here
  • The Stamp does not provide any equipment for outdoor events, or events occuring in facilities other than the Stamp (tables, chairs, AV, etc.)
  • Facilities Management is responsible the maintenance of all outdoor campus areas, and other building on campus other than Stamp 
  • Events held outdoors must also be authorized by Facilities Management. 
  • Event Services Coordinators will alert Facilities Management of events, however it is the clients responsibility to order services (tables, chairs, etc). Facilities management has different deadline requirements from Event & Guest Services.
  • Facilities Management can provide a variety of AV Services, including podiums, lighting, generators, for a fee . To request these services follow this link and enter the necessary information
  • All outside equipment, tents and stages, lighting structures must be approved by the campus Fire Marshal the before being placed on campus grounds. Failure to receive approval may result in fines or a cancellation of the event