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The immigrant community at the University of Maryland, College Park is composed of several identities and experiences. Take a look at the stories below to learn about students, staff, and faculties experiences as immigrants.



General Questions about UMD’s ICE Contract

The following answers were provided by UMD’s Office of Strategic Communications What active contracts does the university have with U.S ...
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Undocumented and Resilient at UMD

College Park, Md–– “You can change things, even though people say that you can’t,” said Stephanie, a senior, Indonesian, and UndocuTerp who ...
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Students are calling on UMD to divest from its contract with ICE

University of Maryland students are expressing outrage at the revelation that the school has an active contract with the agency ...
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A UMD Student was detained at Dulles Airport after last week’s travel ban

UMD student detained at Dulles due to travel ban ...
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University of Maryland Will Now Have an Undocumented Student Coordinator

UMCP to create an undocumented student coordinator position. See full Diamondback article here ...
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Student with Earphones


Undocumented Students Have More to Worry About Than Just Classes

Students lead event to share their stories about being undocumented at UMD. See full Diamondback article here ...
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The SGA Wants to Make UMD a Sanctuary Campus to Protect Undocumented Students

The UMD Student Government Association (SGA) initiates policies to make UMD a “Sanctuary” campus for undocumented students. See full Diamondback ...
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College Park Speaks Recognizing the Student Activists of the DACA/DAPA Rallies

Students at UMD are leading efforts to protect and advocate for undocumented immigrants. Learn more about them in this story ...
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